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We Bake with Passion.

Maw-Maws are Magical. I know mine was. Her name was Eleanor. She was, before her passing, and still is, my hero. She would teach me every valuable lesson with love and grace while she was baking in her country kitchen. This was the special place of my childhood. It was safe, it was love, it was everything.

Life comes at you hard sometimes. I wish everywhere was as safe as Maw-Maw’s kitchen, but sadly things don’t work that way. In my adult years, through inflammation, discomfort, pain, and suffering, I discovered my allergy to gluten. The delicious baked goods which brought me so much comfort seemed like a memory that would never again be experienced. No matter how many “Gluten Free” places I tried, it just wasn’t the same.

Maw-Maw was built different. Country women know secrets. They know the old ways. The made-from-scratch ways. No shortcuts. Extra care, extra attention, and a desire to do things the right way, not the quick and easy way. She made things with love. The magic was always in her hands, and it seemed like they were heavenly hands.

After years of living Gluten Free, I knew that nothing I was tasting was like Maw-Maw’s. I knew the Gluten Free world needed Maw-Maw, but she was already gone to heaven. I realized I couldn’t bring Maw-Maw back, but I could bring her to the world. I decided to start experimenting with Gluten Free baking using Maw-Maw’s old-school methods.

Kneading Dough

After years of experiments, I finally figured it out. I was ready to bring Maw-Maw’s baking to the Gluten Free World. In 2023 I opened Heavenly Hands Bakery. There’s a painting of Maw-Maw that looks over the counter as if she is personally approving every biscuit, cookie, cake, pie and crumble. We’re doing 100% gluten free baking with the methods, taste, and love that would make her proud.

Just because it’s Gluten-Free doesn’t mean it can’t taste Heavenly.

Heavenly Hands Bakery

100% Gluten Free

100% Delicious

100% Made with Love